Half Magic by Edward Eager & illustrated by N.M. Bodecker [TRADE PAPERBACK / 1999]

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Half Magic by Edward Eager [TALES OF MAGIC #1]


Book is in excellent condition.   Minor shelf wear to cover; reads like new.  *name written on inside of cover. 

The magic begins when Laura and her family--brothers James, baby Deborah, and her parents--move to a country house in Connecticut. There is a well in the yard, and Laura is the kind of girl who believes in making wishes. 

Her first wish comes true, and this sets off a round of adventures for Laura, James and two neighbors, Kip and Lydia, who mix what seems to be genuine magic with good deeds: saving old Miss Isabella King's house from a mortgage foreclosure, rescuing the "long-lost heir," persuading snobbish Mrs. Witherspoon to support the new school proposal, and discovering the secret of the antique desk. And as for the magic, is it or not?