Kill as Directed by Ellery Queen [FIRST EDITION PAPERBACK] 1963

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Kill as Directed by Ellery Queen


Cute little square antique paperback.  

Nice, tight copy.   Pages are thin and thus fragile, but look and read very nicely with tanning.    Sealed corner split on front cover.

Dr. Harry Brown is a competent, respectable practitioner of the time-honored art of medicine until the day old man Gresham, with his millions of dollars, failing heart, and young spouse, hires him. Suddenly it s money, luxury, and love.

But what happens to a doctor when someone slips a corpse into his locked apartment?

What can a man say when he finds himself a member of an organized crime ring?

How can Harry tell his richest patient that he s having an affair with a man s wife? It s enough to give a man a heart attack but which man?"