Studies in Parapsychology by Sigmund Freud [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1963 • Collier

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Studies in Parapsychology by Sigmund Freud


True U.S. paperback 1st of this rare collection of Freud's essays on the occult. 

Clean, tight and still unread vintage paperback.  Cover shows some edge wear and a mild corner crease to front.   Inside is pristine and unread.

Includes... The Uncanny (1919) Dreams and Telepathy (1922) + A Neurosis of Demonical Possession in the Seventeenth Century (1923)

"I am not going to take up the position that I am nothing but a psychoanalyst, that the problems of occultism do not concern me." - Freud

In three of his most fascinating essays, Freud departs from the rain lines of psychoanalytic theory to consider the problems of parapsychology. Here, with intuitive genius, he invades the murky world of mysticism, magic, and miracles to reveal reason in the irrational.

Describing the uncanny as "that class of the terrifying which leads back to something long known to us, once very familiar," Freud applies his famous "compulsion to repeat" theory in order to investigate the eerie feelings, telepathic messages, premonitions, and terrifying fantasies that characterize uncanniness. In

"Dreams and Telepathy" he riddles the popular contention that telepathy affects the nature of dreams  without rejecting the possibility of the telepathic phenomenon.

Finally, Freud focuses on the historically recurrent, and thoroughly intriguing, psychic puzzle of evil spirits, as he analyzes a classic case of "demonical possession."