The Coen Brothers by Eddie Robson [U.K. FIRST EDITION] 2003 • Virgin Film

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Coen Brothers by Eddie Robson


Published as a U.K. trade paperback exclusive. 

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Joel and Ethan Coen make up one of the most original and unconventional movie-making partnerships to come out of America at the end of the 20th century. From their debut tour de force Blood Simple to the hugely acclaimed The Man Who Wasn't There , the brothers' films have attracted critical kudos and commercial success in equal measure due to their irreverent, individual, and technically virtuoso nature. Each of their films defies categorization, yet there is never any doubt that it is a Coen brothers movie. 

This insightful guide is a chronological exploration of the movie career of Hollywood's best-loved outsiders; it combines indispensable reference material with critical analysis of their films, and charts their rise from cult favorites to box-office contenders. Coen Brothers is essential reading both for their fans and for film lovers in general.