Dangerous Minds by LouAnne Johnson [1993 PAPERBACK]

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Dangerous Minds aka My Posse Don't Do Homework by LouAnne Johnson


Nice reading copy with some shelf wear.  Crease to back cover. 

She bullied, bluffed, and bribed her students into caring about school.  And if that didn't work, the pretty, petite ex-marine told them she'd been trained to kill with her bare hands.  They were called the class from Hell-thirty-four inner city sophomores she inherited from a teacher who'd been "pushed over the edge." She was told "those kids have tasted blood. They're dangerous."

But LouAnne Johnson had a different idea. Where the school system saw thirty-four unreachable kids, she saw young men and women with intelligence and dreams. When others gave up on them, she broke the rules to give them the best things a teacher can give-hope and belief in themselves. When statistics showed the chances were they'd never graduate, she fought to beat the odds.