Lenin: A Biography by David Shub [1957 PAPERBACK] • Mentor Books

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Lenin: A Biography by David Shub


7th paperback printing / 1957. 

Antique paperback in excellent condition.  Cover shows some shelf / edge wear.  Binding is tight.  Looks unread.

"One of the very few books, absolutely indispensible to the student of contemporary history and of international relations, of Russia and of social revolution. At the same time, it is so full of historic drama, of incredible figures, of the Czar's secret police, of plots stranger than fiction, that it will fascinate the general reader."
-Hans Kohn, New York Times Book Review

"It must be read by everyone who wants to penetrate the minds and analyze the behavior of the men who created the most powerful and dangerous machine in the world today"
-L.J. Schweitzer, Catholic World