The Elephant Man: A Study in Human Dignity by Ashley Montagu [SECOND EDITION] 1979 • Dutton

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The Elephant Man : A Study in Human Dignity by Ashley Montagu 


1979 trade paperback re-issue of the long out-of-print source book for the classic play, re-issued to coincide with the David Lynch film.   Includes photo insert.

Book is in very good condition.  Cover looks great.  *2 pages at front of the book have mild spot staining [see photos].   Othwerwise, appears unread with all other pages looking and reading good as new!


The book that inspired the movie and the Tony Award-winning play by the same name.

After more than a century, the mystery of "The Elephant Man" has been solved. This fascinating story, which has touched the hearts and imaginations of readers throughout the world for over a century, is now complete. The mystifying question has been How could this poor, deformed fellow, so cruelly treated by his fellowman for so long, turn out to be such a gentle, loving creature?