A Rap on Race by James Baldwin & Margaret Mead [1992 PAPERBACK] • Dell

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A Rap on Race by James Baldwin & Margaret Mead


1st Laurel printing with great early 90's cover art. 

Nice clean early 90's paperback printing in great reading condition.  Cover has some wear to edges, nicked edge on lower front.   Reads nicely. 

In 1970 James Baldwin & Margaret Mead met for an extraordinary seven-&-a-half-hour discussion about race & society. Mead brought her knowledge of racism as practiced in remote societies around the world. Baldwin brought his personal experience with the legacy of black American history. They talked with candor, passion, rage & brilliance, & their discussion became this unique volume. Here is Baldwin's creativity & fire. Here is Mead's scholarship & reason. Here, for all to see, are their prejudices, their pain, & finally, their shared desire to find the thread that binds us all."This book...traces a curve beginning in formal statements, moving thru wary affection & intellectual intimacy, ending with a raw confrontation."