Nutty & the Case of the Mastermind Thief & Nutty for President by Dean Hughes [TWO PAPERBACK SET]

  • $14.00

Nutty and the Case of the Mastermind Thief and Nutty for President by Dean Hughes


Books are like new w/ only mild trace wear / tanning from age. 

BOOK 1. When Nutty investigates the disappearance of the school Christmas fund from his locker, he and his friends run into a bunch of thieves as well as a more surprising solution.

BOOK 2. The new Nurd in Class. One look at the new kid eating in the school cafeteria and everyone agrees: William Bilks is a nurd. But Nutty and his friends are in for a big surprise. Because William is really a genius in disguise- even if he does say so himself- and he is going to prove it by making Nutty the school's first fifth-grade student council president. Still, can even a genius change Nutty from a class clown to model student in only two weeks? One thing is certain: Before he's through, William will turn the whole school upside down.