The Living Sea by Jacques Cousteau w. James Dugan [FIRST EDITION • FIRST PRINTING] 1963 • Harper & Row

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The Living Sea by Captain Jacques Ives-Cousteau with James Dugan 


Beautiful 1st in excellent condition.  Includes original insert.

Light shelf wear to dust jacket; looks fabulous in a new hq brodart jacket protector.

Book itself looks and reads as new. *word inked on title page

Beneath the mantling oceans, Cousteau and his professional diving team excavate a ship which sank in the third century B.C. They roam afar to investigate other wrecks, from one sunk in the Bronze Age to a freighter which went down before their eyes. Captain Cousteau goes down to the bottom of the sea in the bathyscaph and starts an undersea avalanche which engulfs the vessel. He drinks wine that has lain on the sea bottom for two thousand years; he is entrapped at night by twenty-five-foot seaweeds in the Gibraltar current.
In THE LIVING SEA you'll meet creatures never before seen or classified: abyssal sharks with shovel snouts and white protruding eyes; a sliver fish shaped like a triangle; a fish whose skin is marked off into perfect checkerboard squares. you will encounter "the Truckfish", an animal unaccountably grown to fifty times the normal weight of its species, and Ulysses, the giant grouper which became the divers' pet.