One Smart Indian by Robert J. Seidman [FIRST EDITION PAPERBACK] 1979 • The Overlook Press

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One Smart Indian by Robert J. Seidman


An overlook trade paperback exclusive.  Second printing.

Book is like new with only minor wear.

"An astonishing act of empathy and imagination." -John Leonard, The New York Times

Extraordinary acclaim greeted this brilliant and compelling novel- set around the time of the Civil War-about the white man's destruction of the Cheyenne. In ambition and scope, it is fiction on a grand scale: the conflict and confusion of an Indian boy raised in the white world who must chose between the culture and way of life of his ancestors and the political activities of his adopted world. The descriptions of Indian life are utterly accurate, and the ritual and mysticism of the Indian religion are fascinating and revealing. With the impact of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Seidman's startling novel weaves historical figures with fictitious characters to tell the story of a true American tragedy.
"Robert Seidman's novel is one of the classics in its field. It shouldn't be missed."-Tony Hillerman.  Cover photograph of White Buffalo courtesy of National Museum of The American Indian