Retief Unbound by Keith Laumer [FIRST EDITION • FIRST PRINTING] 1979 • Ace

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Retief Unbound by Keith Laumer 


Vintage paperback in excellent condition.

Near mint and unread. 

The publication of certain accounts of Jame Retief under the title RETIEF AT LARGE has generated such response that we of Ace Books have felt compelled, as a public service, to publish a second volume of the affairs - some would call them adventures - of that redoubtable member of the Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne. Surely in an age such as ours when Terra's Sphere of Influence is once again surrounded by Alien Peril in all its sundry guises, it is desirable - nay, vital! - that our people be aware that, contrary to the official records of the Corps, it was not by the questionable efforts of such worthies as Ambassadors Nitworth and Spradley that Mankind held its own in the terrible arena between the stars, but by the courage, skill and daring of such men as Jame Retief! This collection has six Retief stories to tickle your funny-bone. Retief is in prime form, taking on dangerous aliens and his own bosses in the Corps Diplomatique.


Protocol [Retief] (1962) / short story by Keith Laumer (variant of The Yillian Way)
Sealed Orders [Retief] (1962) / short story by Keith Laumer (variant of Retief of the Red-Tape Mountain)
Aide Memoire [Retief] (1962) / short story by Keith Laumer
Policy [Retief] (1962) / novelette by Keith Laumer (variant of The Madman from Earth)
Palace Revolution [Retief] (1961) / novelette by Keith Laumer (variant of Gambler's World)
Retief's Ransom [Retief • 6] (1971) / novel by Keith Laumer