The Satanist by Dennis Wheatley [U.K. PAPERBACK] 1974 • Arrow

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The Satanist (A Black Magic Story) by Dennis Wheatley


Rare U.K printing with NSFW cover. 

Text block has heavy tanning / shows age.  Cover looks great.   Reads nicely with heavy tanning to pages.

7 Mar 1952 - May 1959
The Satanist is the story of a young man and woman who are prepared to acquiesce in appalling blasphemies and take part in horrific sexual rites in order to penetrate a Satanic circle in an attempt to solve a foul and brutal murder. T

The man, Barney Sullivan, is a secret agent who, horrified by the death of one of his colleagues whose body is virtually unrecognizable, becomes involved in the bestialities of the Devil whilst investigating Communist activities which threaten the security of the West; the girl, Mary Morden, has a past which enables her to put moral scruples aside – as she knows she must if she is to triumph over evil and bring the Devil worshippers to justice...