Remember Me - The Complete Trilogy by Christopher Pike [TRADE PAPERBACK OMNIBUS]

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Remember Me: The Complete Trilogy by Christopher Pike [Remember Me, The Return, The Last Story]


Trade paperback omnibus featuring all three novels of the classic YA horror trilogy. 

Book is in very good condition.  Cover has some visible shelf wear and a corner crease.  Reads nicely with some light tanning. 

Book 1 - Remember Me [1989]
Book 2 - Remember Me 2: The Return [1994]
Book 3 -  Remember Me 3: The Last Story [1995]

Shari Cooper hadn't planned on dying, but four floors is a long way to fall. Her friends say she fell but Shari knew she had been murdered. Making a vow to herself to find her killer, Shari spies on her friends, and even enters their dreams. She also comes face-to-face with a nightmare from beyond the grave. The Shadow - a thing more horrible than death itself - is the key to Shari's death, and the only thing that can stop her murderer from murdering again