Houses of Horror by Hans Holzer [FIRST HARDCOVER EDITION] 2007 • Fall River

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Houses of Horror by Hans Holzer


Originally published in 1976 as a leisure horror paperback original 

Hardcover re-issue with dust jacket in beautiful condition. 

Dust jacket is mint;  now housed in a new archival quality jacket protector.

Book itself has light shelf wear to boards; reads as new. 

For more than five decades, Hans Holzer has been delving into disturbances from The Other Side. This Vienna-born researcher, the man they call “The Ghost Hunter,” has devoted much of his adult life to tracking those phantom presences that emerge from the shadows when least expected. Whether we call these spectral personages, “ghosts” or “spirits” or “left behinds,” they hover among us, defying easy explanation or dismissal. No one in America has researched these ghostly beings more assiduously or skillfully than Holzer. Indeed, he has been lauded as the most published paranormal investigator of the past century. This collection contains some of his most famous and controversial cases.

Houses of Horror takes us deep into history both known and obscure; we encounter accused traitor Aaron Burr and experience the postmortem rustlings of colonial spies. In New Hampshire, a nineteenth century admiral makes things go bump in the night; a girl ghost playfully leaves surprise gifts in an old Kentucky home; and in Illinois, a suicide moves restlessly from room to room. Holzer’s explorations in the seemingly unexplainable have taken him far afield. He ventures down dark corridors in eerie New England mansions and sprawling Southern homes. His ghostly quarry surfaces in Minnesota, the rural Midwest heartland; even in Hollywood and on a moving Swiss train.Ever observant, patiently curious, Holzer jots down the cases and then moves on. This rich collection of hauntings can be read as an extended glimpse into the life beyond life; the realm of the unknown.