Men at War edited by Ernest Hemingway [U.K. PAPERBACK] 1972 • Fontana / Collins

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Men at War: An Anthology edited with an introduction by Ernest Hemingway


Scarce UK printing w/ movie tie-in cover from the film Young Winston.  Third Impression / 1972.

Vintage paperback in excellent condition.  Light shelf wear to cover.  Reads like new.

Ernest Hemingway's Men at War (1942) is an anthology of war stories chosen and introduced by Hemingway, based on an idea suggested by William Kozlenko. According to a prefatory note, Kozlenko not only submitted a preliminary plan for the book but suggested the inclusion of several of the stories it contains. By March of 1942 the USA was finally involved in World War II, and the anthology was seen as an inspirational book. As Hemingway wrote in his introduction, the book could not tell young men how to die, but it could tell them how previous generations had fought and died.

Includes war stories by Leo Tolstoy, Lawrence of Arabia, William Faulkner, Winston Churchill, John W. Thomason, Marquis James, Richard Aldington, Rudyard Kipling, James Hilton, Ernest Hemingway, C.S. Forester, Stephen Crane, Walter D. Edmonds, Alexander Woollcott, and others.