FEAR STREET Goodnight Kiss by R.L. Stine [1992 PAPERBACK] • Super Chiller #3

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Goodnight Kiss by R.L. Stine [FEAR STREET SUPER CHILLER #3]


Book is in very good condition. Cover has some mild wear; a few chipped edges.  Reads good as new. 

Matt, his girlfriend April, and best friend Todd look forward to a summer of sun and fun at the beach. But as dark shadows flutter over the sand, they soon find themselves plunged into a horrifying world of endless night.

"What's happening to April and Todd?" Matt wonders. "Why are they so pale, so weak, so...changed."

The twin puncture wounds on their throats give Matt a clue. The menacing bats hovering over the beach offer another.

April has been lured away by the kisses of another boy—strange, intoxicating kisses that leave her weak, hungering for more. The kisses of a vampire.

Can Matt rescue April in time? Only he realizes that her next goodnight kiss may be her last.