FEAR STREET The New Year's Party by R.L. Stine [1995 PAPERBACK] • Super Chiller #9

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The New Year's Party R.L. Stine [FEAR STREET SUPER CHILLER #9]


1st printing w/ 3-d embossed cover fonts.

Book is mint and unread!

Ring in the new fear.

P.J. wasn’t supposed to die. It was just a practical joke, no big deal. But P.J. had a bad heart…

The kids at Reenie’s Christmas party couldn’t tell the police what they’d done, so they hid the body…and then it disappeared.

Now someone is killing them, one by one. Someone is taking P.J.’s revenge…but who?

By midnight they’ll know. Because when the clock chimes, they’ll all get a kiss. The kiss of death.