The Secret Path by Christopher Pike [FIRST EDITION PAPERBACK] 1995 • Spooksville #1

  • $12.00

The Secret Path by Christopher Pike [SPOOKSVILLE #1]


Vintage trade paperback in very good condition. 

Tight and seemingly still unread copy with a bit of edge /corner wear to cover. 

Reads good as new with a hint of tanning. 

Adam didn't believe all the stories about Spooksville...

Adam has just moved to the small town of Springville. The first day there, he meets Sally, who tells him the city's real name is Spooksville, because of the all the spooky things that go on in it. Adam doesn't believe her until they team up with Watch and go in search of the Secret Path - a magical path that leads to other Spooksvilles.

Together, Adam, Sally, and Watch will take the Secret Path and pass through a dark doorway. On the other side they will find a terrifying Spooksville where there are huge spiders, living skeletons, evil black knights, and a witch who just loves to make dolls - out of kids.