Dead & Buried by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro [MOVIE TIE-IN PAPERBACK] 1980

  • $9.00

Dead & Buried by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro [based on the Screenplay by Ronald Shusett & Dan O'Bannon]


RARE 1st printing with metallic embossed title fonts. 

Decent reading copy with wear to cover and some mild water damage to last dozen pages or so. [see photos]

Pages have tanning.  Great reading copy!

He thought dead men told no tales...

The murders were bad enough but what Sheriff Dan Gillis couldn't understand were the newcomers to Porter's Bluff, and their eerie resemblance to people he had seen dead and buried.

He couldn't tell Janet, because even his beautiful wife was acting strangely lately. Was he imagining things? Or was something evil preying on the sleepy town of Porter's Bluff, something as shadowy as the faceless killers who roamed the land?