In Search of Ancient Gods by Erich von Däniken [1973 HARDCOVER] G.P. Putnam's Sons

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In Search of Ancient Gods: My Pictorial Evidence for the Impossible by Erich von Daniken [Ancient Aliens!]


Illustrated hardcover with dust jacket.

Dust jacket has some visible wear and tear; now housed in a new hq brodart jacket protector.  Book itself is excellent;  attractive adorned leather boards.  Reads as new.  

Erich von Däniken believes that the 'Chariots of the Gods' that appear in the myths and legends of peoples all over the world, from the Mayas to the Ancient Egyptians, from the Australian Aboriginals to the Jews of the Old Testament, were really visiting space-ships; and that the gods themselves were no other than cosmonauts, depicted in rock paintings and ancient stone carvings in the caves of Tassili in the Sahara, Mayan burial chambers and Assyrian cylinder seals, and described in the writings of the Judaic prophet Enoch.

In this book, he sets his evidence before us again, in pictorial form, and asks us to judge for ourselves. What explanation can we offer for aerodynamically perfect model airplanes dating from the times of the Pharaohs, or a map, drawn by the Turkish admiral Piri Reis in 1513, showing longitudinal positions with an accuracy 'impossible' before the 18th century, and contours of Antarctica only discovered by modern survey methods in 1952?

Von Däniken has assembled much new evidence for his theories, and in his text develops his speculations about the ancient visits from the stars. He asks us to look at our experience with new eyes, to open our imaginations to a set of staggering possibilities, presenting plenty of pictorial evidence.