Sex and the Armed Services by L.T. Woodward aka Robert Silverberg [FIRST EDITION PAPERBACK] 1960 • Monarch

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Sex and the Armed Services by L.T. Woodward [a pseudonym of best-selling science fiction author Robert Silverberg]


A monarch books paperback exclusive. 

Book is near mint and unread with mild shelf wear to cover.  Reads like new. 

The young draftee who is driven to prove his manhood-even if it means going with a prostitute.

The frustrated husband who imagines his wife is unfaithful so that he can mingle promiscuously with other women.

The "tough boys," secretly doubtful of their virility, whose frustrations explode in rape.

The service woman who becomes the multiple mistress of many men-or goes lesbian.

These are only a few of the men and women whose case histories are explored in this book. They are true stories of Armed Services personnel seeking emotional fulfillment under the abnormal restrictions of war and military enlistment.