Society and the Healthy Homosexual by George Weinberg [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1973 *See Condition

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Society and the Healthy Homosexual by George Weinberg


Solid reading copy with FLAWS:  

Cover has some creasing and staining to rear.  

Appendix pages at end have cropped corners and a stain visible on a few edges. 

Otherwise pages are bright, white and read nicely.  Binding tight.  Name of orig. owner on front endpaper.

Society and the Healthy Homosexual by George Weinberg, Ph.D., the man who popularized the term homophobia examines its causes and its disastrous, but often subtle, effect on gay people, was hailed as a landmark when first published.

It is the book that pioneered the concept of widespread prejudice against homosexuals--homophobia. It explores the psychological factors underlying that prejudice and offers advice to help individuals overcome the prejudice and accept their sexuality.