Lucky Pierre (The Ms. Squad #1) by Mercedes Endfield [FIRST PRINTING / 1975]

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Lucky Pierre by Mercedes Endfield [THE MS. SQUAD #1]


Vintage paperback in excellent condition; like new w/ a few scuffs to back cover. 

Back to the scene of the crime...and the scenery is better than ever as three bright and beautiful women set out to prove that anything men can do, they can do better. Their plan is simple; restage the great crimes of the century committed--and bungled--by men.

Meet the Ms. Squad:

Jacqueline Cristal--brainy and sexy. A chemical genius and a criminal mastermind. She can blow apart a safe, a city block or a man's ego with the same ease. Deena Royce--a black beauty with a face and body carved out of pure ebony. A singer whose fortune was ripped off by male exploiters, she's ready--and able--to turn the tables. Pammy Porter--ninety-three pounds of adorable dynamite. her ponytail innocence conceals a judo, karae and kung fu fighter capable of wiping up the floor with men three times her size.

They're checking into Lucky Pierre.