I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore by Ethan Mordden [FIRST PAPERBACK EDITION] 1987 • Plume

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I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Tales From Gay Manhattan by Ethan Mordden [THE BUDDIES CYCLE #1]


2nd printing.  Vintage trade paperback in very good condition. 

Some shelf wear to cover and tanning to pages.  Reads beautifully.

"We have traded tales, my buddies and I; of affairs, encounters, secrets, fears, self-promotion-of fantasies that we make real in the telling."

In this, the first volume in Ethan Mordden's acclaimed trilogy on Manhattan gay life, he introduces a small group of friends-Dennis Savage, Little Kiwi, Carlos, and the narrator, Bud-and chronicles their exploration of the new world of gay life and the new people they are in the process of becoming.

In a voice at once ironic, wistful, witty, and profound, Mordden investigates his suspicion that all of gay life is stories and that, somehow or other, all these stories are about love.