Where Do We Go from Here? edited by Isaac Asimov [1971 HARDCOVER] • Doubleday

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Where Do We Go from Here? edited by Isaac Asimov 


Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition.

Near mint with minor shelf wear.  Reads as new. 

17 great science fiction classics.


A Martian Odyssey by Stanley G. Weinbaum
Night by Don A. Stuart (John Wood Campbell Jr.)
The Day is Done by Lester del Rey
Heavy Planet by Milton A. Rothman
And He Built a Crooked House by Robert A. Heinlein
Proof by Hal Clement
A Subway Named Mobius by A.J. Deutsch
Surface Tension by James Blish
Country Doctor by William Morrison
The Holes Around Mars by Jerome Bixby
The Deep Range by Arthur C. Clarke
The Cave of Night by James E. Gunn
Dust Rag by Hal Clement
Pâté de Foie Gras by Isaac Asimov
Omnilingual by H. Beam Piper
The Big Bounce by Walter S. Tevis
Neutron Star by Larry Niven