A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick [FIRST BOOK CLUB EDITION / 1977]

  • $159.00

A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick 


Hardcover with dust jacket.  Refurbished x-library copy in excellent condition. 

 Dust jacket is in very good condition; a few small sealed edge tears, some mild wear / creasing.  Lib sticker on spine.  Housed in protective mylar. 

Book itself is excellent.  Small surface tear to paper lining on front cover; faintest hint of corresponding tape ghosting to edges, though barely visible to the eye.  

No visible library stamps or stickers.   Actual pages read like new.   

Substance D is not known as Death for nothing. It is the most toxic drug ever to find its way on to the streets of LA. It destroys the links between the brain's two hemispheres, causing, first, disorientation and then complete and irreversible brain damage.

The undercover narcotics agent who calls himself Bob Arctor is desperate to discover the ultimate source of supply. But to find any kind of lead he has to pose as a user and, inevitably, without realising what is happening, Arctor is soon as addicted as the junkies he works among...