The Short-Timers a.k.a. Full Metal Jacket by Gustav Hasford [1983 PAPERBACK]

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The Short-Timers [aka Full Metal Jacket] by Gustav Hasford


Mega rare and long out of print source novel for the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece, Full Metal Jacket. 

Late 80's movie tie-in printing in very good condition. 

Tight and possibly unread copy.  Cover has some visible shelf / edge wear but is overall in very attractive shape. 

Some pages have a bit of mild wear from shelving, but are otherwise clean and seemingly unread. 

Vietnam, 1968. A nightmarish landscape blackened by napalm and littered with once-human debris. Where victories are measured in mountains of corpses and ordinary men are transformed into obsessive executioners. This is the brutally honest story of Cpl. Joker and his battle-hardened company, survivors of months of unimaginable horror--the crazy-tough and phony-brave, religiously counting the days until their release from the green prison of combat. But they all know one unspoken truth--that even though they're on their way out, their last few hours in Nam could become their last hours on earth.

The Short-Timers is a semi-autobiographical novel by former U.S. Marine Gustav Hasford about his experiences in the Vietnam War. Along with Michael Herr and Stanley Kubrick, Hasford later adapted the novel for the film Full Metal Jacket.