WEIRDO Magazine Lot - Issues #2-28 by Robert Crumb [FIRST EDITION SET] 1981-1993 • Last Gasp *SEE CONDITION

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WEIRDO Issues #2-28 by Robert Crumb, Alice Kominsky Crumb, Jim Woodring, etc.


A Radical collection of this classic and highly influential underground comic series, missing only issue #1.  

*COMICS are visibly used and NOT Collector's quality, showing shelf / read wear, but ALL are in tact and Make for Solid Reading copies.   All Individually HOUSED in NEW HQ Mag sized Comic Protectors. 


Covers all look amazing-- and look especially stunning framed, and make for a killer accent wall.  

CONDITION - On average, these are nice, well bound, mostly 1st printings, with visible shelf and edge wear to cover / creases.  Contents are mostly clean, though several do show some ink smudging / fingerprint oil stains to margins.    * Two issues have what appears to be heavy coffee / or liquid staining to cover,visible on underside.  No structural water damage, just heavy staining.  


Please Contact with any additional questions / requests re: condition details.

  1. Issue 2- 2nd printing / 1981.  Very good - some cover wear / discoloration.  Minor ink smudging.  Reads clean. 
  2. Issue 3- Heavy Creasing to cover. 1” tear along spine on front cover.  Some spot stains on rear . Reads clean.
  3. Issue 4 - 2nd printing 1982. Cover creasing / worn edges.  Edge tear in rear. Pages clean.  Finger oil marks on underside of front cover. 
  4. Issue 5 - 2nd printing 1982 Corner creasing w edge wear to cover.  Oil stains on rear cover and underside of front. Or discoloration? Tan spots.
  5. Issue 6- 1st printing.  Sept 1982. Creasing / a few faint stains to rear cover.  Pages show mild creasing.  Reads clean
  6. Issue 7- 1st printing. 1983. Creasing + a few nicks to cover.  Reads clean with a few smudges / tanned edges.
  7. Issue 8 - 1st printing. 1983. Creasing + a few nicks to cover.  Pin sized holes visible on margins of first few pages. Otherwise reads clean
  8. Issue 9- 1st printing.  1983. Very good+.  Clean, pristine cover, clean contents. 
  9. Issue 10- 1st printing. 1984. Very good.  Light shelf / edge wear to cover.  Reads clean with a few tan edges.
  10. Issue 11 - 1st print / 1984. some creasing to upper left corner on front cover;  otherwise very good.  Reads clean.
  11. Issue 12- 1st print / 1985. very good with some mild cover and read wear. 
  12. Issue 13- 1st print / 1985 cover very good.  Pages have some corner wear / discoloration.  Reads nicely.
  13. Issue 14 -  1st print / 1985, very good cover, pages look and read nicely.
  14. Issue 15- 1st print / 1985.  visible creasing to cover.  Some creased / smudged pages.
  15. Issue 16 - 1st print / 1986. Cover and pages show some creasing in the form of 2 thin vertical lines, likely from improper storage.  Otherwise clean and would be very good.
  16. Issue 17 - 1st print /1986.  Poor.  Page with a small piece cut out.  some red pen markings and circling throughout.  Cover looks nice however.  Front is immaculate - rear is very nice w one sealed edge tear.
  17. Issue 18 - 1st printing / 1986.  Very good.  Small creases to an overall beautiful cover.  Reads clean
  18. Issue 19- 1st printing / 1987 - very good: faintest water stain to rear cover.  Otherwise excellent. 
  19. Issue 20  1st printing / 1987- poor -  large tan water stain to underside of cover and more mildly to left edge of rear cover - margins show some staining, but print is unaffected.
  20. Issue 21 - 1st printing /1987 - very good.  Light wear / faint spot stain to cover.  Inside looks great!
  21. Issue 22 - 1st printing / 1988 - very good.  Trace shelf wear / discoloration to cover.  Otherwise excellent
  22. Issue 23 - 1st printing / 1988 - visible shelf wear to cover; a few faint stains on rear.  Some minor creasing along page margins. Otherwise very good.
  23. Issue 24 - 1st printing / 1989 - very poor — heavy staining (coffee?) to underside of cover, with some more mild staining on rear cover.  Pages have some staining to margins.  Reads okay.
  24. Issue 25 - 1st printing / 1989 - faint staining to front cover - otherwise very good. 
  25. Issue 26 - 1st printing / 1989z. very good - some mild shelf wear /  creasing to cover. Inside / look and read perfectly.
  26. Issue 27 - 1st printing/1989.  Visible edge wear / creasing to cover.  Inside is clean and reads perfectly. 
  27. Issue 28 / 1st printing 1993 - very good/ mild edge wear and a creased corner on rear.  Reads as new.

Widely considered to be some of his best work ever. Weirdo was a magazine-sized comics anthology created by Robert Crumb in 1981, which ran for 28 issues.

It served as a "low art" counterpoint to its contemporary highbrow Raw. Early issues of Weirdo reflect Crumb's interests at the outsider art, fumetti, Church of the SubGenius-type anti-propaganda and assorted "weirdness."

The incredibly varied stories include TV Blues, Life of Boswell, People Make me Nervous, The Old Songs are the Best Songs,Uncle Bob's Mid-Life Crisis, Kraft Ebbing's' Psycopathia Sexualis, Goldilocks, The Life of Philip K Dick, and many more.

Also within are several photo strip stories featuring Crumb himself and various of his trademark well-built women including his wife Aline Kominsky-Crumb in tales such as Get in Shape and Unfaithful Husband.