"Son" A Psychopath & His Victims by Jack Olsen [1985 PAPERBACK]

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"Son" A Psychopath & His Victims by Jack Olsen


Book is in excellent condition.  Minor shelf wear & subtle tanning to pages.  Perfect reading copy!

This 1983 masterpiece tells the incredible story of a Spokane, Washington serial rapist who was exposed as the handsome, privileged son of one of the city’s most elite families.   

For more than two years, a rapist prowled the night streets of the homey, All-American city of Spokane, Washington, terrorizing women, sparking a run on gun stores, and finally causing one newspaper to offer a reward—the calls taken by the distinguished managing editor himself, Gordon Coe. In March 1981, luck and inspired police work at last produced an arrest, and Spokane shuddered. The suspect was clean cut and conservative…and Gordon Coe’s son.  For 18 months, Jack Olsen researched the case to try to learn not only what happened within that family, but how and why.  And searching the memories of the women in Fred Coe’s life, he unearthed a most horrifying question: What is it like to love and live with a man for years—and then discover he is a psychopathic criminal?