The Meteor Man: A Novelization by Cliff Thompson [MOVIE TIE-IN PAPERBACK] 1993 • Point

  • $12.00

The Meteor Man: A Novelization by Cliff Thompson based on the screenplay by Robert Townsend.


Obscure YA movie novelization of the cult-classic OG black superhero flick with full color photo insert. 

Solid reading copy with some visible wear to cover.  Pages read flawlessly with tanning.  Cracking to spine at center of book; has been re-inforced and sealed with publishers grade adhesive.

Includes several pages of color stills from the cult film...

An unassuming teacher, Jefferson Reed  lives and works in an urban area plagued by a tough gang. When a falling meteor hits Jefferson, he discovers that he has gained numerous superpowers. Encouraged by his father and mother, Jefferson sets out, somewhat awkwardly, to become a crime-fighting hero. While he manages to improve his community, he finds out that his powers aren't limitless, making his efforts more challenging.