A Fever in the Heart & Other True Cases by Ann Rule [1996 PAPERBACK]

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A Fever in the Heart and Other True Cases by Ann Rule [ANN RULE'S CRIME FILES VOL. 3]


First edition.  Mint and unread. 

Ann Rule's "great knack for horrific detail" (New York "Daily News" ) was briliantly displayed in "A Rose for Her Grave" and "You Belong to Me," the first two volumes of her Crime File series. Now, in "A Fever in the Heart, " she dissects a fascinating case centered around an alluring young wife and the two men desperate for her love...an explosive triangle of thwarted desire that led to obsession and murder in a small northwestern town. As the crimes that initially baffled police finally give up their shocking secrets, the story leads us to a denoument as bizarre as anything ever uncovered in the annals of true crime. Sharing other riveting cases from her personal files, Ann Rule masterfully examines the delusions of the criminal mind, the shattering passions that explode into murder, and the relentless efforts of law enforcers to ferret out the deadly truth.