All-American Monster: The Biography of Timothy McVeigh by Brandon M. Stickney [FIRST EDITION]

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All-American Monster: The Unauthorized Biography of Timothy McVeigh by Brandon M. Stickney


3rd Printing.  Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition.  Minor shelf wear.  *Sticker with former owner's name on flyleaf page inside front cover. 

In this riveting and revealing biography of Timothy McVeigh, Brandon M. Stickney not only answers many of the compelling questions surrounding McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, but puts this critical information into the broader perspective of McVeigh's childhood, his education, military service, and his efforts to find meaning and purpose in life. A reporter and a native of the western New York area where McVeigh was born and raised, Stickney draws on personal experience as well as numerous interviews with McVeigh's family, friends, and associates to offer intimate details of Tim's lifefactors that contributed to his startling transformation.

Stickney carefully fits together the complex pieces of the puzzle that is Timothy McVeigh. Utilizing little-known and often shocking pieces of information the fruits of an intense investigation Stickney transports readers inside the mind of McVeigh to discover what might well have been his thoughts and feelings as his life moved closer and closer to that fateful April morning.