Bat Boy Lives! The Weekly World News Guide to Politics, Culture, Celebrities, Alien Abductions & the Mutant Freaks that Shape Our World

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Large paperback coffee table book in very good condition.  Cover has shelf wear.  Inside is good as new. 

Book is in excellent condition.  Minor shelf wear to cover;  otherwise good as new!

All the news that's not fit to print! Browse through this fascinating compendium of the best of the Weekly World News and you'll never look at the world the same way again.

Admit it. You've sneaked a peek at the supermarket checkout. Where else could you find the scoop on which senators are aliens, or Saddam and Osama's torrid love affair? Serious newshounds know the Weekly World News (which counts over a million beings as readers) broke the story that Elvis still lives, but it also has exclusives on what kind of pizza was served at Jesus' last supper, who's the father of the Loch Ness monster's baby, and (of course) the various escapades of Bat Boy, the half man/half bat found in a West Virginia cave almost 15 years ago. For the dedicated follower of the fantastic, and for the uninitiated too, Bat Boy Lives! contains all these vital dispatches and much more. Because the in here.