Beauty by Brian D'Amato [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1993

  • $10.00

Beauty by Brian D'Amato 


1st island printing w/ metallic embossed cover and stepback beneath.  

Shelf wear to cover and slight lean to spine.  Reads good as new with some tanning.  tiny initials on corner of 1st pg. 

People will do absolutley anything for  youth. . .if they can risk horrible infections with  face-lifts, and worse things from liposuction, then  they can accept the risk of a little plastic."  Ex Yale pre-med Jamie Angelo is part artist and  part alchemist. His work is a modern miracle of  computer imaging and scientific engineering. A  technique light-years beyond medicine. A creation so  revolutionary the world must never know. He can  reimagine and reinvent you as he transforms your  old, unlovley flesh into a masterpiece of ageless  beauty. He is not God. But he is close. To  ambitious downtown performance artist Jaishree  Manglai--about to become his most radical experiment--Jamie  is the ultimate fantasy. . .a dark erotic  obsession that knows no bounds. . .a master illusionist  who turns every woman's shattered hope for the few  who can choose to wear beauty's monstrous-and  deadly-face. . .