Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Lost Slayer Vol. 1-4 by Christopher Golden [FOUR PAPERBACK SET]

  • $20.00


All four paperbacks are in excellent condition; some minor wear to edges of covers.

INCLUDES:  All four volumes in the serial novel... Prophecies, Dark Times, King of the Dead, Original Sins

Buffy Summers's adjustment to life at U.C. Sunnydale has not gone smoothly. She feels awkward, insecure, and jealous that Willow's all over the college life. So when she is visited by a prophecy of impending danger, the timing couldn't be worse. There's plenty of evil afoot as it is: a unified troop of vampires has descended upon Sunnydale, and tension between Buffy and Willow gets in the way of demon hunting.

Before long, a single moment of bad judgment catapults Buffy into an alternate future dimension where vampires reign supreme. Imprisoned in the body of her 24-year-old-self -- and confronting friends and foes the likes of which she'd never imagined -- the Slayer must uncover her past misstep and correct it, or risk facing a terrifying monster that she herself has created....