Cezanne with text by Pamela Pritzker [FIRST EDITION] 1974 • Leon Amiel

  • $18.00

Cezanne with text by Pamela Pritzker 


Beautiful vintage art book with 76 colour plates throughout. 

Small [7"x6"] hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition. 

A few small [mostly sealed] edge tears to an otherwise clean and in tact dust jacket.

Book is excellent; pristine red alligator style leather cover.  Clean, bright full color pages.

The history of art is abundantly rich in tales of struggling artists, unrecognized in their genius until after their deaths. However, few of these artists persevered in their public and private struggles as did Paul Cezanne. Throughout his life, Cezanne fought against artistic prejudice, public ridicule, emotional instability and increasingly ill health. It was only towards the end of his life, that Cezanne glimpsed a small hope of critical success. It was only after his death, that hindsight proved to all the world the enormity of his genius by proclaiming Paul Cezanne the 'Father of Modern Art'.  76 colour plates.