Chéri and the Last of Chéri by Colette [1974 U.K. PAPERBACK] Chéri #1-2

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Chéri and the Last of Chéri by Colette [CHÉRI #1-2]


Vintage paperback in very good reading condition.

Cover has some visible wear / discoloration.   Inside appears unread.

Stamps on underside of cover.  Reads as new. 

Chéri, together with The Last of Chéri, is a classic story of a love affair between a very young man and a charming older woman. The amour between Fred Peloux, the beautiful gigolo known as Chéri, and the courtesan Léa de Lonval tenderly depicts the devotion that stems from desire, and is an honest account of the most human preoccupations of youth and middle age. With compassionate insight Colette paints a full-length double portrait using an impressionistic style all her own.

"A wonderful subject [treated with] intelligence, mastery, and understanding of the least-admitted secrets of the flesh." ― André Gide