Child of Darkness by David B. Silva [FIRST EDITION PAPERBACK] 1986 • Leisure Horror

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Child of Darkness by David B. Silva 


A leisure books original.  First printing; brand new and unread. 

His tormented mind would send an entire town to hell.

Eureka was a quiet little farming community, where the biggest news was last week’s weather.  Bu for one boy, it was a place of unending torment.  His mind unmercifully scarred by a father who was convinced he was the devil’s spawn, Justin Reed withdrew into himself, seeking refuge from his father’s ghastly tortures.

There he discovered he was not alone.  Something deep within him was smuggling to get out, an evil that threatened to destroy not only Justin, but everyone around him.  Only he could control the power— but can he vanquish it before it tears his soul apart?