Classic Home Cooking by Mary Berry & Marlena Spieler [FIRST EDITION]

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Classic Home Cooking by Mary Berry & Marlena Spieler


Large hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.   Dust jacket has some edge wear and a hint of tanning, but is otherwise excellent.

Book itself is excellent; cover is flawless.  Pages are clean and vibrant with a faint hint of tanning to edges.  

*Forward page appears to be signed by the authors in sharpie, however could be a printed automatic signature.  

Classic Home Cooking picks up where Betty Crocker left off years ago...

Including more than 1,000 recipes illustrated in full-color with easy-to-follow directions and tips for beginner cooks, each chapter of this essential cookbook starts with a color-coded index showing a photograph and description of each recipe, and divides recipes into categories according to the preparation and cooking time of each dish. Serving numbers, calorie counts, and recipe page numbers are also included. Chapters include: Hot & Chilled Soups; First Courses; Eggs & Cheese; Fish & Shellfish; Poultry and Game; Meat Dishes; Vegetarian Dishes; Pasta & Rice; Vegetables & Salads; Yeast Baking; Pies, Tarts, & Hot Desserts; Chilled Desserts; and Cakes & Quick Breads.

For each recipe, there are helpful side bars on technique and boxes of "Cook's know-how." Generally, the dishes featured are modern updates of classic dishes from around the world. For example, a recipe for Bouillabaisse in the soups chapter explains the dish as the classic fish stew from Provence. The side bar illustrates how to make rouille (smashing garlic, whisking olive oil into mayonnaise, and seasoning with chili, lemon juice, and salt and pepper), a classic garlicky, chili-mayonnaise sauce served on the croutons that accompany the soup; the "Cook's know-how" feature details the types of fish included in the soup. From Thai Chicken Satays to All-American Strawberry Shortcake, Classic Home Cooking is an indispensable basic cookbook.