Confessions of a Wall Street Insider by C.C. Hazard [1973 PAPERBACK]

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Nice reading copy.  Shelf wear to cover.  Reads nicely.  Name written on title page. 

The man writing under the name C. C. Hazard is no moralizer. He knows the game, knows hot it's played, and tells it like it is. With a dash of cynicism he tells how little lambs---chiefly small investors---are led to the slaughter by the wolves and jackals of the most dangerous street on earth.

If you're one of the millions who feel they've been done in by brokers, gotten creamed by mutual funds, advisory services and "insider's" tips, Hazard tells you why. If you've been lucky, you may find these tales of Wall St. skullduggery delightful. In any case this is definitely the book that can save you big headaches---and big money---by giving you the best appraisal anyone could give of the way the market works.