Creation by Gore Vidal [FIRST EDITION] 1981

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Creation by Gore Vidal


2nd printing.   Hardcover with dust jacket in damaged condition. *** SEE DESCRIPTION:

Dust jacket is near mint; with just a clipped front panel  ***Water damage to lower interior of page margins with resulting waviness -- [we had a small spill that sadly affected a handful of great books] originally was pristine. So rather than tossing it out -- am offering at a high discount. 

Once again the incomparable Gore Vidal interprets and animates history -- this time in a panoramic tour of the 5th century B.C. -- and embellishes it with his own ironic humor, brilliant insights, and piercing observations. We meet a vast array of historical figures in a staggering novel of love, war, philosophy, and adventure . . .
"There isn't a page of CREATION that doesn't inform and very few pages that do not delight."
-- John Leonard, The New York Times