Crime Scene by Larry Ragle [FIRST EDITION] 1995

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Crime Scene: An Astonishing Look into the Real World of C.S.I. by Larry Ragle 


Book is in very good condition; some visible wear / mild creasing to cover.   Reads like new.   

One of the nation's top forensic scientists, Larry Ragle has investigated countless brutal and baffling crimes during his forty-year career. Now he takes us behind the yellow police tape and into the medical examiner's laboratory for a fascinating look at his most sensational cases, revealing how cutting-edge science and medical technology were used to shed brilliant light on the criminals and their transgressions.

Here is the real world of C.S.I. -- where astonishingly detailed portraits of malefactors are painted with a single drop of blood, and a microscopic fiber can direct the police to even the most careful and elusive of murderers.