Dangerous Visions 3 edited by Harlan Ellison [1974 U.K. PAPERBACK]

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Dangerous Visions 3 edited with a new introduction by Harlan Ellison 


Book is near mint and unread.  

Dangerous Visions is the most dazzling science fiction anthology ever published.

Between them, the stories it showcases have won two Hugo Awards, two Nebula Awards, two Hugo Award runner-up places and one Nebula Award runner-up position. Originally published as a single volume, this anthology was later republished in three volumes. This is the third volume of that series.


New Introduction by Harlan Ellison
If All Men Were Brothers Would You Let One Marry Your Sister? by Theodore Sturgeon
What Happened to Auguste Clarot? by Larry Eisenberg
Ersatz by Henry Slesar
Go Go Go Said the Bird by Sonya Dorman
The Happy Breed by John T. Sladek
Encounter with a Hick by Jonathan Brand
From the Government Printing Office by Kris Neville
Land of the Great Horses by R. A. Lafferty
The Recognition by J. G. Ballard
Judas by John Brunner
Test to Destruction by Keith Laumer
Carcinoma Angels by Norman Spinrad
Auto-da-Fé by Roger Zelazny
Aye and Gomorrah . . . by Samuel R. Delany