Darkness Visible by William Golding [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING / 1979]

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Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness by William Golding 


Trade paperback.  Tight reading copy with visible wear / creases to cover;  pages are white and vibrant and read as new. 

A dazzlingly dark novel by the Nobel Laureate, and author of Lord of the Flies.

At the height of the London blitz, a naked child steps out of an all-consuming fire. Miraculously saved yet hideously scarred, tormented at school and at work, Matty becomes a wanderer, a seeker after some unknown redemption. Two more lost children await him: twins as exquisite as they are loveless. Toni dabbles in political violence, Sophy in sexual tyranny. As Golding weaves their destinies together, as he draws them toward a final conflagration, his book lights up both the inner and outer darknesses of our time.