Death Bed by Stephen Greenleaf [1987 PAPERBACK] • Ballantine • John Marshall Tanner #2

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Death Bed by Stephen Greenleaf [John Marshall Tanner #2)


Book is in very good condition.  Light wear to cover. 

The search for a dying millionaire’s son leads John Marshall Tanner to a case of domestic terrorism

Maximilian Kottle spent all his life fearing death. When he eventually developed cancer, he thought the disease might prove a disappointment. He was wrong. Dying is far worse than he had imagined. With less than a month to live, the wealthiest man in San Francisco calls on private detective John Marshall Tanner to fulfill his final wish: He wants to see his son.
Thirty-year-old Karl has been missing since he disappeared a decade ago, lost in the fog of sixties radicalism, leaving his plutocrat father in the dust. As the elder Kottle’s time runs out, he hopes the past can be forgotten, but as Tanner soon learns, the wounds of the sixties haven’t fully healed, and finding Karl Kottle will be an explosive feat.
Death Bed is the 2nd book in the John Marshall Tanner Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.