Dick Francis: For Kicks, Odds Against, Flying Finish & Bonecrack [U.K. LEATHER BOUND OMNIBUS / 1986]

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Dick Francis [ For Kicks / Odds Against / Flying Finish / Bonecrack ] 


Rare 1986 omnibus featuring four complete novels.  Published jointly in the U.K. by Heinemann, Secker & Warburg and Octopus Books.  

Edition features gilt adorned page edges and cover and marbled endpapers.

Book is in excellent condition. Light wear to cover / spine and tanning to pages.


Four complete Dick Francis novels in one beautiful volume.  Includes...

For KicksDaniel Roke, Australian who established a stud farm to raise orphaned siblings, accepts undercover stable lad job from the Earl of October, investigating steeplechase doping in England. At least ten horses win adrenalin-high stimulated, but regular lab tests show nothing. Gorgeous October daughters distract, detract, and fatally endanger. Tension builds into an explosive fight to the death. 

Odds AgainstFormer hotshot jockey Sid Halley landed a position with a detective agency, only to catch a bullet from some penny-ante thug. Now, he has to go up against a field of thoroughbred criminals--and the odds are against him that he'll even survive.

Flying FinishMuch to his snobbish family's horror, Henry Grey takes on the dirty and demanding job of transporting racehorses by air. And when he discovers that he is transporting something altogether different, he has to fight to land with his life intact.

BonecrackIn the middle of the night, two masked men break into Neil Griffon’s home and abduct him. He quickly discovers that unless he agrees to their unreasonable demands, they will destroy his father’s precious horses and racing stable—and, ultimately, Neil himself. Returned to his father’s stables, he must find a way to bring down these criminals.