Do or Die by Leon Bing [FIRST EDITION] 1991 • Harper Collins

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Do or Die - Members of L.A.'s Most Notorious Teenage Gangs, the Crips and Bloods, Speak For Themselves Leon Bing


Hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition. 

Dust jacket is very good; light wear to edges.  

Book itself is excellent.  Reads good as new. 

Do or Die is the first insider account of teenage gangs--the lives, loves, and battles of children who kill--from the only journalist ever allowed inside this closed and dangerous world.

This is no West Side Story. Welcome to a world where teenagers wear colostomy bags and have scrapbooks filled with funeral invitations; where a young man, after being shot in the chest, drives himself to the hospital; where another youngster, caught in crossfire, uses his girlfriend as a human shield; where teenage gangsters are kidnapped, tortured, and held for six-figure ransoms; where kids hum the latest movie's theme music while killing people. It's a world of clickheads, sherms, bangers, ballers, and mummyheads; a world where the strongest feelings of family come from other gang members; a world where the most potent feelings of self-worth come from murder.