Dragonfly by K.R. Dwyer "aka Dean Koontz" [FIRST EDITION] 1975

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Dragonfly by K.R. Dwyer aka Dean Koontz [writing under a pseudonym]


*Rare and long out of print early novel by Dean Koontz.  Published under pseudonym K.R. Dwyer.

Hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.   

Dust jacket is very nice and fully in tact; some visible shelf / edge wear and a few tiny sealed edge tears -- now housed in a protective brodart jacket protector. 

Book itself is excellent; looks and reads like new. 

The Committee, a group of powerful CIA fanatics, has friends in the Mafia, the Congress, in every important department of the government up to and including the President's Oval Office. They are funded by a reclusive billionaire, and they have always gotten what they wanted. Now they want everything.

Enraged by the Chinese-American détente, the Committe conceives a sinister plot to destroy vital portions of the Chinese population. Their weapon is a Chinese youth (code name: Dragonfly) who has been surgically implanted with a deadly virus. He has no memory of what has been done to him, yet he walks around, a human time bomb, set to explode at the right moment and release the plague within him, killing hundreds of thousands of his countrymen. He must be found.