Drink to the Hunted by Ellen Marsh [FIRST EDITION] 1945 • E.P. Dutton & Co.

  • $125.00

Drink to the Hunted by Ellen Marsh


Rare novel about a young German girl coming-of-age against the backdrop of WWII.

Antiquarian hardcover in very good condition with striking pictorial cloth boards with modern-art frontispiece. 

Ex-library copy w. stamp to underside of text block and front and rear panels from originally dust jacket fixed cleanly to undersides of cover. 

Cover is clean with light wear.  Some general wear to edges of cloth.  

Pages are clean and vibrant.  Reads beautifully!

This remarkable first novel written with warm perception and real literary skill by a fresh young talent, will leave a deep impression on the reader-both for its insight into a turbulent era and for its moving portrayal of a sensitive girl's struggle for emotional stability.

Daughter of a short-lived, tempestuous marriage between Michael, American officer of the first World War, and Frederike, lovely but erratic German girl, Laurie Bailey grows up during the restless years bridging two wars.

Uncertain of herself, craving affection and uncerstanding, young Laurie is acutely conscious of the contrast between her own gauche adolescence and her mother's volatile, firelight beauty. Always her conflicting loyalties stand between her and happiness.

Hunted in spirit, symbolizing the chaotic times In which they live, Frederike drags Laurie back and forth across the Atlantic, across the length and breadth of Europe-eternally seeking contentment and security.  As the shadow of war creeps slowly over the Europe Laurie knows and loves, there emerges an arresting picture of youth-in Germany and Europe-moving through a period af terrifying changes.